Neda Waterfalls
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Neda Waterfalls

Neda Waterfalls

Neda River is laid to the south-east direction of Nea Figalia and forms the physical border between Elis and Messenia. Τhe river is 32 km long and it begins on the southern slope of Mount Lykaion near the village of Neda in northern Messenia. It flows to the west through a varied landscape of barren rock and forests. It also forms well-known waterfalls near the village Platania and flows into the Gulf of Kyparissia at Ionian Sea near the village Giannitsochori.

Neda canyon (close to Ancient Figalia) is a landscape of exceptional natural beauty, with very tall trees, forest paths, small lakes and the well-known waterfalls. It is worthy to visit the big waterfall (on foot) and swim to the frozen waters which keep such temperature even in summer.

Walking following to the water flow, under the stone bridge (which is at the beginning of the path which leads to the waterfalls), you can reach the narrowest part of the river on which water flows from a tunnel called Stomio. It is suggested that you be careful because the waters are very deep there and walking is not feasible, so you will have to swim. Do not also forget that returning back is more difficult, since you have to swim against the flow!

It is also suggested that you organize your visit early in the morning during summer period, due to the large number of visitors.

Route from Ilakia to Neda Waterfalls:

The ride is through paved road to the north-east direction. The distance is 25,7 km (almost 45’) and the route goes through the villages Petralona, Perivolia and Figalia (Ancient). There is marking to the archaeological site of Figalia, which leads to the waterfalls through unpaved road (on Elis’ side) at a distance of 2,7km almost. Even if you fail to follow such route, you can continue riding from Figalia to Platania village, where there is also marking leading to the river (on the Messenian side).

Ilakia – Neda Waterfalls